Kick Sugar Cravings Now

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Your love of sweets does more than just affect your emotions, brain function, energy levels, and weight.

It's been linked to many chronic conditions like

  • diabetes
  • inflammation
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease & stroke
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • low testosterone in men
  • high testosterone in women
  • arthritis
  • premature aging
  • and more

Learn the hidden sources of sugar, what triggers your cravings, how to replace old habits with new healthy ones, and how to break your addiction to sweets.


Find out how to make delicious, healthy snacks and desserts without refined sugar. Get the recipes for:

  • dairy-free ice cream
  • dairy-free chocolate mousse
  • granola/breakfast cereal
  • caramel sauce topping
  • peanut butter/chocolate fudge
  • gluten-free apple crisp

Now is the time to kick your sugar cravings for good. Sign up for immediate access to my Cooking with Coach Maggie Experience today!!!


It includes six modules with slides, class notes, recipes, and tips to break the sugar habit.

Get access to the private Cooking With Coach Maggie Facebook Community.

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Stop the sugar cravings and the aches and pains that go along with it for more mental clarity, energy, youthfulness, and overall better health.

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Kick Sugar Cravings Now

0 ratings
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